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Preservation of Egyptian maritime archaeological sites through 3D digital modelling and Virtual Reality presentation in the laboratory for modern day exploration of lost heritage.

The Thistlegorm Project

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SS Thistlegorm

The SS Thistlegorm is a British armed Merchant Navy ship which was sunk while at anchor in the Red Sea in the early hours of the 6th October 1941 by two German Heinkel He 111 bombers. It was waiting to enter the Suez canal, destined for Alexandria, and was carrying a rich cargo of munitions, ammunition, vehicles, trucks, motorbikes, aircraft parts and railway wagons and locomotives to help the Allied war effort in Egypt. Nine men (5 gunners and 4 merchant seamen) died in the attack but the rest of the 41 crew managed to escape the burning ship before the munition on board resulted in a massive explosion which broke the wreck in half and took it quickly to the bottom. Today it is considered to be one of the most spectacular dive sites in the world and is the best known and most popular wreck dive site in the Red Sea.

The Harbour of Marea (Philoxenité)

About 35km west of Alexandria, on the southern shore of Lake Mareotis, lies the remains of a settlement with a large harbour that consists of three or four quays extending into the lake; the largest is about 150m long (Petruso & Gabel 1982).

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